Friday, March 18, 2011

We Need YOUR Help! (UPDATE: WE WON!!!)

 UPDATE: We won the contest!!! Thank you everyone for your votes and support!

As many of you know, I have a love for photography. Unfortunately, I have no camera to support my little hobby. This is where you come in.

I have entered my daughter's picture in a photo contest. Grand Prize: a $500 gift certificate and a CANON REBEL T1i DSLR!!! 

Oooh I drool just thinking about it. 

It just so happens that my little bug's photo is a finalist in the contest!

I took this with a borrowed camera from a friend of mine. I would LOVE to be able to take photos like this on a regular basis.
So, I am enlisting your help. The contest is fully voter based from here on out, so the more votes we get, the better! You can vote once a day, every day, until March 26th.

I truly appreciate your support! 

Help me make my blog a better place with better photos for YOU!


  1. Hi Amy. I found your blog on Christina's. I love your blog. I hope you don't mind if I follow. Anyway. Just wanted to tell you. super cute picture...and I voted. I think you have a good chance looking through the other entries. Good luck.