Monday, April 4, 2011

A Year of Sewing

Special thanks to everyone who voted for my daughter's picture in the photo contest, mentioned in my previous post titled: 

All of you helped us to WIN!!! That's right, we won. And we're so excited. Stay tuned for lots of great photos with our new camera!

Well, it's been a year. A full year since I sewed my very first project. And what a great year it has been!

Want to know how I got started?

Last year I was given a sewing machine by my wonderful mother-in-law. Only problem was, I had no idea how to use it. I took a sewing class in middle school where we were taught how to sew a straight line. But that was more than 12 years ago, and Lord knows my brain does not retain technical information longer than the amount of time I actually use the skill.

Alas, my poor sewing machine sat unused and collecting dust for months. 

A year ago, my mom came to visit. I had almost forgotten about the sewing machine until I was cleaning out the guest room, and...*LIGHTBULB*... I came across a brilliant idea.

My mom had always sewn our dance costumes. She made numerous Halloween costumes, and repairs to my dad's old work pants. I needed a teacher, and naturally, my mom was the one for the job!

That week we bought a romper pattern and materials from the fabric store and set to work. Mom let me do most of the cutting, and I sat and watched as she sewed the pieces together. She let me try my hand at piecing the parts together once, but let me tell you, it's much harder than it looks! And my mother, bless her, stayed up until passed midnight just to help me finish this one project. 

Wanna see what it looked like?

I did make the hat myself, after my mom left. And it turned out pretty okay!

But, my goodness, my skills have improved exponentially!

I will say that I have never bought a pattern since that first project. I have downloaded a few online, but they are so much more readable than those you buy at the store. Other than that, I like to come up with my own designs when I can.

So, to compare that first project to my most recent project, here is my latest creation. Designed and sewn by yours truly.

I just love this dress. I made it specifically for my daughter's Easter attire, and it turned out even better than I pictured it!

And I'm pretty sure she loves it too!

If I had known, one year ago, that I would be sewing like this...I would have started 10 years ago! 

What a wonderful skill to have. I feel confident about making my own daughter's future dance and Halloween costumes, and repairing my husband's old work pants.

If you haven't yet, now is a great time to work on your sewing skills! Just think of what you will be doing a year from now. Go ahead. Reward yourself with a very rewarding and productive hobby!

Happy sewing!

Now go make something and enjoy the day!


  1. I cannot believe that you have only been sewing for a year! I would have thought that you'd have been going at it for a loooong time considering how great you are at it. It gives me some hope ;) Looking forward to seeing your pictures that you take with the camera!

  2. Congratulations on winning the contest!!! I knew you would. I love your sewing creations. My Mom sews too. It really is an art.

    The cover you did for me will appear on the Cover Art blog April 22nd. Amanda Brice's will be on April 29th I think. Here's the link:
    Thanks again for being so great to work with and for selling books for me with your eye-catching design.
    J. S.

  3. Aww!!! I am on the BBC with you and thought I would check out your blog. SO cute!!! :)

  4. I can't believe you've only been sewing a year! That's just crazy. You're so ridiculously talented.