Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Camera, New Hobby

Thanks to all of you who voted and helped us with "The First Yum" photo contest, we now have an amazing new camera!!!

We won a Canon EOS Rebel T1i, and it's just gaw-geous!

As if I don't have enough hobbies to keep up with, I'm fully prepared to dive head first into the world of photography. Maybe even pursue a mini career? I'm pretty excited!
 *Note to self...start saving now. Camera lenses are expeeeeensive!*

Anyway, I thought I'd share just a few photos I've taken in the last couple days since we received our camera. I still have a lot to learn, and it's difficult getting used to a new toy and all its fancy settings, but I'm having WAY too much fun already!!

 More fabulous photos to come! Thanks again, everyone!


  1. YAY for a new camera! I am still learning how to use mine! :) Found you from the craft group on BBC and I am following you now! :)


  2. Thanks for following Kelly!!